Mildred Faintly

Mildred Faintly is a transgender woman; her ongoing project is to expand the range of great women poets accessible in English. Her translation of Else Lasker-Schüler’s first book of poetry, Styx, is being brought out by Ben Yehuda Books.

She is currently translating women’s poetry from China. She has rendered some from the oldest stratum of this material, that preserved in the Ancient Chinese Classic of Poetry. She is now working on the the Sung dynasty poet Li Qing Zhao, and the great 19th century lesbian poet Wu Zao.

Mildred Faintly has self-published on

her own poetry, Rebel Girl.

her translation (from Yiddish) of the complete poems of Anna Margolin, titled Lower East Suicide.

a translation of Sappho, complete, Greek and English, Sappho for Girls.

Lower East Suicide and Sappho for Girls are going the rounds, looking for a publisher.

In her work as a reviewer and editor here, though intrinsic merit is always the decisive consideration, she is actively interested in writing by women and LGBTQIA persons.