Jacob Rabinowitz

is an independent scholar and translator of dead authors who wrote in dead languages, a vocation which has given a slightly Ouija cast to his thinking. He lives in northern New Jersey with a brilliant artist named Meryl and an ill-tempered dog named Crudleigh.

The following books, written, edited, or translated by Jacob Rabinowitz, are being removed from Amazon and will be available without charge at archive.org. This has already been done for those titles which are not qualified with (Amazon)


 Blame it On Blake

A memoir of his friendship with Allen Ginsberg, William Burroughs, Gregory Corso and Lucien Carr; a picaresque tale of gender vagrancy, dead languages and mystical seeking, in which the authors misdeeds are written large and printed small. 


Gone Beyond
Heart Sutra, translation and commentary. 

Even Unto China (Amazon)

Selections from the Analects of Confucius, with a commentary exploring his understanding of psychology and his concept of the gentleman. Also a full translation of the Thousand Character Classic, which was memorized by every student of Chinese, throughout East Asia, for a thousand years.

Dante’s Purgatorio
Dante’s Paradiso

All explanatory notes have been woven directly into the text. For the first time it is possible to easily appreciate Dante as a great mystical epic poet like Rumi. The Purgatorio and Paradiso are fully equipped with maps and diagrams by Jim Cheff. 

Rabinowitz has made a series of art history videos that provide complete narrated tours of the most important Dante Illustrations for these books. 


Della Quercia // Giovanni Britto // Botticelli // William Blake


Di Paulo // Giovanno Britto // Botticelli //  William Blake //  Meryl Gross

From Ramses to Remus (Amazon)

Translations from Ancient Egyptian, made with an awareness of their African character. Contains some of the most beautiful and amusing poems and tales of Classical Egyptian literature. The companion volume, The Ramses to Remus Reader (Amazon) has the edited hieroglyphic texts with transliteration.

The Book of What’s in Hell (Amazon)

Classic mapping of the Egyptian afterworld, the epic account of Ra’s nightly journey to the end of the night. The companion volume, The Book of What’s in Hell, Hieroglyphics (Amazon), has the edited hieroglyphic texts with transliteration. 

Heine: Germany, A Winter’s Tale (Amazon)

A bilingual book from The Poet’s Press. Heine was an ideal matchfor Rabinowitz in style and outlook.

Dragging Up Leviathan

Poetry of ancient Israel. This book incorporates the full content of, and supersedes, The Unholy Bible.


Bible Land Blues (Amazon)

A post-modern tour of mythological Israel. 

 Blurred Person Singular (Amazon)

My first book of poems, written in his twenties and thirties,an Ovidian mini epic of gender perplexity.



 Miss Mary Mack

The Ancient Egyptian Otherworld, Eskimo legends, Aleister Crowley, Poe, Rimbaud, Goethe and gender dysphoria all figure into this purportedly YA novel, which purveys supernatural thrills, high school romance and tart remarks for the most enjoyable few hours you will ever waste reading a fantasy novel. 


 You Are Here (Amazon)

Contains Loose Leaf Scriptures, a midrashic history of the world from the creation to Moses, and The Judaism-X Files, a critique of the venture of Judaism with suggestions for its future.

 Buried Angels

The earliest Christian archaeology: a graphic cosmology incised by members of the Church of James; a rediscovered fragment of the Q text; analysis of the “Mythologies of Reason” which structure scriptural religion.

Faces of God

Classic study of the survival of Canaanite mythology in the Hebrew Bible; a map of the Hebrew religious imagination using the methodology of Mircea Eliade. This Expanded edition supersedes the earlier version from Spring Publications.

Devil Girls of Ancient Rome

An anthology of erotic poetry by Catullus, Tibullus and Propertius, along with the essay “A Psychic Geography of Masochism,” and “The Rotting Goddess,” the only comprehensive history of witchcraft in the ancient world.This volume contains all the essential material from, and supersedes, Rabinowitz’ previous books Gaius Valerius Catullus’ Complete Poetic Works and The Rotting Goddess.

As Editor: The Kraken Dryden

The complete plays and major poems of John Dryden, in fully annotated editions, on the model of the Folger Shakespeare. The following have already appeared:


The Wild Gallant (1663)
The Rival Ladies (1664) 
The Indian Queen (1664)
The Indian Emperor (1665)
Secret Love (1667)
Sir Martin Mar-All (1668)


Annus Mirabilis (1667)
Absalom and Achitophel (1680) (Amazon)

an important site for fine old English literature is 


Peter Lukacs produces professional, scholarly fully annotated editions of Elizabethan plays for free reading and PDF download.


The 96th of October Fin de Siècle Poets

The only editions of these works which are fully and copiously annotated.

E. A. Mackintosh

A Highland Regiment, and, Death the Liberator

Oscar Wilde

The Sphinx

The first reprinting in more than a century of the poem, with all ten illustrations by Charles Ricketts from the original 1894 edition.

Jean Lorrain

Blood of the Gods
forthcoming from Snuggly Books

The only translation into English of this classic of decadent poetry by the homosexual Baudelaire.