Ziggurat Prison Ministry

Voltage Hymn

Rise perfect voltage, pow’r and light
whose majesty is unconfined,
indwell this luminary night
the shining darkness of the mind.

Your inward speaking wakes the dead
and by its tongue they understand
the excellence of words unsaid
the silence that you can command.

Pure generation—turbines turn
in deepest earth where few may go.
These mortal coils forever burn.
This is the truth we all must know.

Copper and iron make the life
that flowing current—liquid love,   
mated as man and fated wife
like waters fall endless from above.

When we are risen, turned to light
then we shall see as those once blind
transformed as day is turned to night
filled with the brilliance of your mind.

Sexy Death Dwarf

Sexy dead dwarf you’re the one for me
Sexy death dwarf darling can’t you see
The hole is awfully glad
The hole is good and bad
The hole has cancer of the dad
So Sexy Death Dwarf you’re the one for me

Pray for the dead and the dead will pray for you
Pray for the dead when you are sad and blue
The hole is good and bad
The hole has cancer of the dad
So pray for the dead and dead will pray for you.

Ole Devil Spam

Ole Devil Spam, that’s what you am
Hot and sweet, that potted meat, you ole Devil Spam
I see you walking, I hear you talking, when I sleep
I know you’re going out there on your midnight creep

Infernal meat, that midnight treat
Hot and hard, that throbbing lard, let’s go it’s time to eat
I saw you with that cheap disguise,
I saw you with my X-ray eyes
I saw your scarlet swollen thing
And then I heard it start to sing

Full day supply of vitamin C
It’s good for me and it’s good for thee
Lord of Darkness in a can
Friend of man since time began

Ole Devil Spam, that’s what you am
Nice and greasy, goes down easy you Ole Devil Spam
I smell you cooking, I see you looking
So proud and sleek
I taste your funk, I’m getting drunk
And my knees are getting weak
“Ole Devil Spam, that’s what you am

Frying proud, for crying out loud
Rise up singing, come out swinging
Slick and pink, what a beautiful stink

Dead Pope in the Road

Getting soft and stinky in the noonday sun
Eighteen wheel oblivion
The blessed father hit by a truck
That’s seven years of really bad luck

He came all the way from Italy
To die in the odor of sanctity
It’s a powerful, sorrowful mystery
Dead Pope in the Road

His infallible days are over now
No more Oberammergau
Il Papa is looking mighty ill
And now the crows can eat their fill

A semi hit our Daddy-O
Et cum spiritu tuo
Road-kill pontiff mighty flat
But he’s still got that spiffy hat

Ard Braeg O’dell

Zeema beebu leemu
Ah abba nude dale doo dwell
Donna dee ember Lolo streak
Dhazz Ard Braeg O’dell

Veelu so lolo – Ahgoo dah!

Bello-ob dears key vlo-y
Dee tesker tressna blagg
Day pen on Lolo streak zo long
Day nebba well-goo bag

Veelu so lolo – Ahgoo dah!

Zo iffer beebu leemu
Ondu habba dale doo dwell
Daga wagga town Lolo streak
Doo Ard Braeg O’dell

English Translation

Well, since my baby left me
Well, I found a new place to dwell
Well, it’s down at the end of Lonely Street
At heartbreak hotel

Well, I’m so lonely I could die

Now, the bell hop’s tears keep flowin’
And the desk clerk’s dressed in black
Well, they’ve been so long on Lonely Street
They’ll never, never look back

Well, I’m so lonely I could die Well, now, if your baby leaves you
And you got a tale to tell
Well, just take a walk down Lonely Street
To heartbreak hotel

Image: Carte postale de la prison de Birmingham vers 1920

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