96th of October appears quarterly. We will respond to submissions with startling rapidity. The price of this efficiency is our use of a delicately phrased but still impersonal form rejection letter, for which we apologize. We would do otherwise had we but world enough and time.

Stories should be from 1,000 to 5000 words in length. (We may accept up to 10K if it’s amazing—but realistically, 5K is as much as most folks want to read through a little window.) Individual poems should be of a length that can be read in five minutes or less. We don’t include more than 10 pages of poetry per issue, so that should be the upward limit for a poetry submission. The kind of poetry we most favor is narrative. Flash Fiction is also of interest to us, though we would need, several, at least 1,000 words worth, since our format will not accommodate very small stand-alone prose pieces.

We are interested in music and video, and these can be embedded in the issue. For us to see your work in these formats, it needs to be posted somewhere like YouTube, since we do not open unsolicited enclosures. For Artwork, please send us a link to a blog page or site where it can be seen. Eventually we will use Submittable software or the like. Your patience is appreciated.

We do not offer monetary compensation for your work. This magazine operates entirely on a volunteer basis. The precondition of profit is popularity, and this is inconsistent with the highest quality.

Though we do not practice tokenism, and all submissions are judged on purely on their aesthetic merits, it may be noted that LGBTQIA material is very welcome.

Simultaneous submissions and submission of work that has appeared elsewhere is allowed.

Submissions should be included in the body of the email. As a matter of policy, we do not open unsolicited attachments. Please send all submissions to us here, noting in the subject line whether it is a story, poetry, music, video, art or a book for review.


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