D. L. Shirey

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lives in Portland, Oregon, where it’s probably raining. Luckily, water is beer’s primary ingredient. His stories and non-fiction appear in 60 publications, including Confingo, Page & Spine, Zetetic, and Wild …

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Dorian J. Sinnott

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is a graduate of Emerson College’s Writing, Literature, and Publishing program, currently living in New York with his two cats. When he’s not writing, he enjoys English horseback riding, playing …

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Kevin Stadt

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holds a master’s degree in teaching writing and a doctorate in American literature. He currently teaches writing at Hanyang University. His fiction has appeared in Kzine, Phantaxis, and Stupefying Stories, …

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Leon Taylor

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teaches economics at a university in Almaty, Kazakhstan, a post-Soviet nation.  He has written science fiction for Schlock!, Space and Time, and 365tomorrows.

John Waterfall

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is a writer living in Brooklyn and a graduate of the New School’s creative writing MFA program. His work can be found in Jersey Devil Press, Unnerving Magazine, Pseudopod and …

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Oscar Wilde

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(1854-1900) Irish poet and playwright, gay saint and martyr, author of splendidly entertaining books, supreme master of the bon mot.

John Yohalem

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lives primarily in Greenwich Village and Streltzau, Ruritania. He was the editor of Enchanté: The Journal for the Urbane Pagan, and a frequent contributor to the Metropolitan Opera programs, Parterre …

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