from This Much & Much Less

All I Could Muster

Outside of the everything,
skeletons and puddles.

The Bones and the Bare

Most statues look like
they ought to be writhing.


Speech goes
where meaning ought to.

Doors and Not Doors

work in two directions.

The Head

It feels like a lot of “in there”
in there.

Unbearable Breathing

Nothing was coming
and fast.

Trending Ideas

They all went
the way.


In my thought,
I reshape your head.

Preparing to Be Missing

Where I was going was going to be
neither here nor there.

For the Sake of Efficiency

When I dial your number I do so
with the future in mind.


They called me Mental when I got angry
and also when I didn’t.

Box of Wires

They don’t connect to anything anymore.
That could be a problem.

Hot Glue

At least briefly, it seemed to make good sense
to attach everything to something else.

At Present

Now is a good time
to forget.

On Itself

Sentences about sentences are interesting
mainly to each other.

Down the Hill

He experienced the antagonism
between gravity and friction.

Duchamp’s Hedge

Said quickly in English, the nude is simultaneously
ascending and descending that staircase.


Some words mean a lot
but shouldn’t.

When Someone Says

I’m listening, just then
they were not.


You look drawn, she said,
and erased me.

My Son’s Riddle

You have one candle and two matches;
how long does it take?

So Much

One wakes up into a world
in which doing so raises suspicions.


Many begin with Oh, but
too few end with to hell with it.

War Effort

The last remaining factory produced
the instruments of its disassembly.

Sharp One

He said, Nothing gets past you,
and it was true; it does.


If I had a hammer,
I’d have a hammer.

image: Celestial Phenomena over Nuremburg, Hanns Glaser, 1561. Zentralbibliotek Zürich, Public Domain

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