Artuan de Lierreé

 was born and still lives in Limoges, France. He studied piano, chamber music, composition and music history at the conservatory, and taught himself to play a number of other instruments.

 He has taken part in numerous musical projects (rock, garage, chanson, cabaret) as an accompanist or composer/arranger. He has performed a variety of venues , from café-concerts to large concert halls, mainly in France, but also in Italy, Japan and the Netherlands. He regularly produces commissioned music for documentaries, trailers and podcasts.


2009 – Dix Petites Musiques (solo, digital)
2011 – La Grande Conserverie (solo, cassette and digital, on the MonsterK7 label)
2013 – Em Lys Valse (piano solo, digital EP)
2013 – K (ensemble, CD and digital)
2014 – Avent (solo, cassette and digital)
2015 – Aquarium (ensemble,CD and digital, on the 1001 notes label )
2018 – Codex (solo, cassette and digital)
2018 – Instantanés (solo, projet vidéo et album digital)
2018 – Les Arcanes (ensemble CD and digital, on the 1001 Notes label )
2019 – Cycles (solo, projet de boucles vidéo sur Instagram et album digital)
2020 – La v​é​ritable histoire de Jeffrey Hudson, homme minuscule, plus connu sous le nom de Lord Minimus (solo, CD and digital, on the fanzine La Voix des Sirènes)
2020 – LIVE SOLO 2014 (live digital album )
2020 – Musique de poche (solo, digital album composed on Nintendo Switch)
2022 – Forteresse & Maléfices (solo, cassette and digital)
2022 – Forteresse & Maléfices : Live (solo, digital)

Aquarium & Les Arcanes are currently available only on Spotify

Information on the musicians and technicians with whom he has collaborated on his discogs page. There is also information about each album on Bandcamp.

He posts his audio-visual work, often providing sound-tracks to old silent films, on Youtube, and a page on which documents his extra-musical explorations. Since the pandemic he has opened a Twitch chain for experiments and discussions about music, film and video games. This has brought together a small community which has brought out two ensemble albums. Funeste Archipel and Backrooms