Winter 2023

This concludes the Year of Phil Blank, master of the psychedelic sketchbook, who has provided our banner art for the four 2023 issues. This image is a detail from the …

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Autumn 2023

We continue our tour of Phil Blank’s sketchbooks, choosing from among the wealth of images those that hit the gnostic, spooky note appropriate to the season.

Summer 2023

We now begin a tour of the notebooks of Phil Blank, which will continue through the end of this calendar year. See Phil’s Creator Page to learn more about him …

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Spring 2023

Beginning now, we will feature on the banner images from one artist through all four of the year’s issues. The first of these is Phil Blank, whose Historical Surrealism paintings …

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Winter 2022

The masthead art is again by Meryl Gross, who just will not quit, no matter how much we beg her. But beggars are not losers, this time.

Autumn 2022

This issue’s masthead image is again from Meryl Gross, # 6 from her Jersey Shore series. It sure is Halloweeny.


On riper reflection, it became clear to us that issuing one’s opinions in an editorial is simply a way of crowing from the top of one’s dung-heap: an understandable but …

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Winter 2021

The original of the image featured on the masthead is nearly 15 feet wide! Go here to see a high resolution version of Vrubel’s masterpiece, one of his many hallucinatory …

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