Spectral Suburbs

As someone raised in an apartment building in New York City, I’ve always had a fascination with the suburbs. As I got older, that fascination only intensified. Even actually moving to the suburbs couldn’t subdue my interest.

Places like Levittown mesmerize me. Did you know that Macy’s used to sell prefab houses? Not only did you get a house, you got all the stuff that went with it, from beds to pickle forks. Seriously! Look it up.

I find the homogeneous architectural quality of places like that oddly soothing. Like Valium, but with aluminum siding.

But the insides are just as interesting as they are heterogeneous.  All tidy boxes without, but all unimaginable drama within. And I’m just talking about the furniture.

Lately I’ve had a strong desire to revisit the shopping malls of my misspent youth. I’m sure this is a portent of something,  but I’m not sure what.

Oh, and I might have been mistaken about the pickle forks, but they definitely came with butter knives.


Houdini, open
Houdini , closed


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