Autumn 2022

This issue’s masthead image is again from Meryl Gross, # 6 from her Jersey Shore series. It sure is Halloweeny.


On riper reflection, it became clear to us that issuing one’s opinions in an editorial is simply a way of crowing from the top of one’s dung-heap: an understandable but …

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Winter 2021

The original of the image featured on the masthead is nearly 15 feet wide! Go here to see a high resolution version of Vrubel’s masterpiece, one of his many hallucinatory …

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Autumn 2021

The masthead art is “The Gust of Wind” by Lucien Lévy-Dhurmer (30 September 1865 – 24 September 1953) a Jewish Symbolist painter born in Algiers, French Algeria, whose began his …

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