Jacob Rabinowitz

is an independent scholar and translator of dead authors who wrote in dead languages, a vocation which has given a slightly Ouija cast to his thinking. His most recent literary venture is Blame it on Blake a memoir of his friendship with the writers of the Beat Generation, in which his misdeeds are written large and printed small. He lives in northern New Jersey with a brilliant artist named Meryl and an ill-tempered dog named Crudleigh.

He maintains a blog, Scholar Adrift, where he is posting his current projects, a translation of the Tang poet Du Fu and of the ancient Chinese Book of S.ongs. He is in the process of transferring all his books to archive.org, where they may be read and downloaded without charge—this link will take you there. Divinedotcomedy has the current list of his publications, those available on Amazon and those which have already been archived at the org.